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Small and Medium Business Networking Solutions:
In the new "Networked Global Economy", Firma Networks has partnered with niche network solution providers that specialize in a particular technology. Aggregated from these sources, the solutions offer Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) a unique On-Demand access to affordable purpose built solutions covering following areas:

FirmaStorage: Network Attached Storage
Highly scalable, affordable and reliable storage with secure Internet access from authorized computers. All necessary software included with the appliance.

FirmaScan: Unified Threat Management
Internet Spam and Virus Filtering Appliances with Open Source ClamAV, SpamAssassin and Snort software. Real time updates of signature subscription service included at no extra charge.

FirmaWireless: Indoor/Outdoor wireless Wi Fi Access with Mesh Capability
Internet access with wireless is made simple with wireless access point technology that allows SMB Service providers flexibility of architecture (Point to Point, Wireless Backhaul, Mesh, Choice of Antennas, Power over Ethernet) including access control  required to support subscriber and billing management.
FirmaGate: Internet Access Control, Wi Fi Subscriber and Billing Management
Control and Manage your Guest Internet access wired or wireless with simple to configure systems that support subscriber access control through built-in or external RADIUS, user ID/PW based VISA or flat rate billing management.

FirmaCare: Network Design, Configuration and Monitoring Services
Optimized Network Design, Correct Configuration (with back up configuration file management) and 24x7 Network Monitoring Services are available. Don't leave your business networks Unattended! Our monnitoring solution emails you when problems are detected.

Networking Solutions Purpose built for SMB and System Integrators

FirmaStorage: Network Attached Storage for local or remote backup, redundancy and data protection

Applications: Data backup solution for small and medium companies with critical computer data that needs protection against corruption or equipment malfunction. In this networked world, all businesses need this including Doctor's offices, clinics, real estate offices, hotels, retail stores, warehouses, Law offices, accountants, CPAs, website designers, schools, just to name a few

Features: User IP/Password protected set up, one button back up, redundant disk configurations, hot disk replacement, power failure protection (through APS).

Models: The series includes FST1000, FST5000, and FST10000 Series is available. RAID 0, 1 and 5 options are available.

FST1000 - $900
FST5000 - $1,800
FST10000 - $4,800

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Warning: All Spam will be Reported!!

FirmaScan: Internet Security; Spam Virus Filter, Free updates, Open Source (ClamAV, Snort).

Applications: Internet Access Security for small and medium businesses to filter Spam, Viruses, Trojans and other malware to protect your network, computers and applications from malicious attacks.

Features: Free signature updates, Heuristic filtering, built-in Spam Filter, Block Spam feature, Content filtering for gaming gateways, file types such as MP3, HTML etc., Giga Bit Ethernet Interfaces, WAN Load Balancers, large email process capacity and high throughput

Models: Three models include FCN2000 (Small Business), FCN5000 (Small to Medium Business) and FCN10000 (Medium to Large Business) each supporting an increasing number of active nodes and computers.

FCN2000 - $4,900
FCN4000 - $6,800
FCN9000 - $12,800

FirmaWireless: WiFi Network Solution with full Mesh, and point-multipoint bridge options

Applications: Cost effective business class wireless network solution for small and medium companies requiring wireless Ethernet expansion and full coverage of wireless access. FirmaWireless Wi Fi access solution is ideal for Doctor's offices, clinics, real estate offices, hotels, retail stores, Warehouses, Law offices, Accounting or CPA Offices, Government buildings, Schools, Apartments, multi-tenant building, just to name a few

Features: Business Class Access Points that support WDS as well as Mesh architectures, full 802.11 b/g feature set support including 802.11x, 802.11e and other extensions, Simple to configure, Indoor and Outdoor wireless options and replaceable antennas, Integrated 5 GHz bridge and 2.4 GHz access points, client bridges, Ethernet to Wireless converters. Interoperated with FirmaScan and FirmaGate.

Models: The series includes FWL100M access points, FWL200A client Mesh, and FWL500BA Outdoor Series is available with external antennas

FWL100M - $350
FWL200A - $550
FWL500BA - $1,800


FirmaGate: Hot Spot Gateway, Internet Access Controller, Wireless Subscriber Management

Applications: Internet Access Controls, Subscriber Management and Hot Spot Solutions for wired and wireless guest access. Ideal solutions for Hotels, Motels, Restaurants, Reception areas, Conference rooms, Tradeshows, Convention Centers, Outdoor camps, RV camps, Shopping Malls. and other possible hot spot locations

: include User IP/Password, variety of billing profiles, user group, and number of days, number of hours or subscription based access control. VISA billing though authorize.net

: The series includes FGT0050 with built-in wireless access point for less than 50 subscribers. For higher subscriber counts and scalable solutions, FGT0200, FGT0500 and FGT2000 Series are available

FGT0050 - $900
FGT0200 - $1,850
FGT0500 - $4,880
FGT2000 - $8,880

Firma Networks reserves the right to change specifications, model numbers, prices and availability without notice. Firma Networks may ship functionally equivalent products to the models advertized.