Top Three Marketing and Networking tips for Small Businesses!

November 2nd, 2010 by Nik Leave a reply »

1.  Create alliances within your circle of influence

Amongst the peers you trust,  foster relationships to refer and receive referrals.  Work together on joint ventures to expand your opportunities.  Create newsletters together to double, treble, quadruple your database of potential clients.  Share advertising opportunities together, expo stands etc if you have like minded products suitable for clients in the same buying cycle.

2.  Network to grow your business

Don’t shy away from networking opportunities, make the effort to represent your business and watch the synchronous doors open.  Be passionate about your business and sum it up very briefly with a hook of “what it is in for the listener”.  Rather than say you are a web designer, say “I create generating income websites that work while you sleep”.  Far more interesting to the listener and more likely to be a conversation starter.

3.  A user friendly website is your best silent salesman

When did you last click through the links on your website?  Is your site easy to navigate, is it up to date and is it search engine optimised.  What year is noted at the very bottom of your template? Are your contact details visible on every page? Is there a call to action on every page?  Is there a way to collect email addresses from site visitors respectfully?  Can you read your web diagnostics, if not ask your administrator how so that you can take advantage of the marketing opportunities tracked behind your website.

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